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Shank Hook Manufacturer

Neelkamal Alloys LLP is a prominent manufacturer, exporter, stockist, dealer, stockholder and supplier of a qualitative range of Shank Hooks in Mumbai, India. These stainless steel shank hooks are used in different applications by many commercial industries as they offer superior assembly ease. We offer customised shank hooks as per the customer’s requirements in terms of thickness, grade, and size.

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Stainless Steel Shank Hooks have a longer shank than regular hooks, which provides several advantages. It makes rigging baits a lot easier. You can thread larger baits onto the hook without worrying about running out of space. The extra-shank length also prevents the hook from slipping out of the fish’s mouth once hooked, making it easier to land larger fish. Shank Hooks are often barbless, which means they’re safer for catch-and-release practices since they cause less trauma to the fish’s mouth. At Neelkamal Alloys LLP, we offer a variety of high-quality Special Products, including Wire Rope Clamp, Precision Engineering Components and more.

SS Shank Hooks are also more versatile than regular hooks, as you can use them in various fishing techniques. You can use them for live bait or tip them with soft bait to fish for species like walleye, bass, and northern pike. You can also use them in fly fishing by threading the fly onto the shank hook. The shank hook provides a better hold and more hook-setting capacity than traditional fly hooks. We offer a wide range of products, including Stainless Steel Screws, Stainless Steel 304 Nuts, & many more.

One crucial aspect of Alloy Steel Shank  is their reduced visibility, which can be advantageous in many fishing scenarios. This feature is especially useful in clear water conditions or when fishing for wary fish like trout, which quickly spook anything that looks out of place in their environment. Carbon Shank Hooks offer several advantages over traditional hooks, including easier rigging, better bait hold, greater versatility, reduced visibility, and improved fish safety. These benefits can help you catch more fish and make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

Shank Hook Specifications

W.L.L. Product Code A B C D E F G H L U/W Kg
1.25t SH0100 15 49 77 24 21 15 15 129 59 0.35
1.6t SH0150 17 57 82 26 23 18 18 147 67 0.5
2.5t SH0200 19 64 94 27 27 23 23 164 73 0.78
3.2t SH0300 23 69 106 32 31 23 24 182 82 1.1
5.4t SH0450 29 81 132 40 37 30 34 216 98 2.05
8t SH0700 36 92 165 51 49 37 37 267 126 3.9
11.5t SH1100 43 101 198 58 60 43 46 318 157 7
16t SH1600 48 112 222 66 67 52 57 346 167 9.65
22t SH2200 59 135 283 87 80 64 65 425 210 18.5
30t SH3000 85 244 339 97 94 80 80 588 250 37.5
Alloy Shank Hook


Working Load Limit (t)
Alloy Carbon
1 3/4
1-1/2 1
2 1-1/2
3 2
5 3
7 5
11 7-1/2
15 10
22 15

Types of Shank Hook

Crane Hooks
Crosby Shank Hook
Wire Rope Clamp Manufacturer
Shank Hook


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shank hook ill2
Alloy Shank
Hook WLL (t)
Max Shank
Latch Hole
Dimensions (in)


sorting hook ill
WLL (tons)With
Weight (lbs)
Weight (lbs)
Dimensions (in)
At TipAt Bottom of HookABCDEFGHIM
Oil and Gas Industry
Power Generation Industry
Chemical Industry
Food Processing Industry

We Serve Application Industry

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