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Shear Connectors / Shear Stud

Neelkamal Alloys LLP is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers of Shear Connectors in Mumbai, India. Our Shear Connectors are made from high-quality steel and are designed to meet national and international standards. Our Shear Connectors or Stud come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the specific needs of a project. We offer a wide range of Shear Connectors, including headed, threaded, and non-headed studs, as well as special stud systems.

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Shear Connectors, also known as Shear Studs, are an essential component for reinforced concrete structures. They play a crucial role in transferring shear forces between the concrete slab and the supporting steel beams or columns. One of the key advantages of our Shear Stud is their ability to provide excellent bonding between the concrete and steel. This is achieved through a process called stud welding, where the Shear Connector is welded onto the steel beam or column. This creates a strong and reliable connection that can withstand significant loads. Our Shear Connectors/Studs are widely used in various applications, including commercial buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructural projects. They are particularly useful in projects that require high strength and durability, as well as those that involve seismic and wind loads.

We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers. We take pride in our expertise and experience in the field of Shear Connectors and are always ready to provide our clients with customized solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Shear Stud Specification

Color Black, white, yellow, red, blue
Material Carbon steel, Stainless Steel
Connector type Shear studs connector
Shear Connectors

Shear Connectors (Type SD acc. To ISO 13918)

14 steel rod 512 1
Dimensions (in mm) Item Number Ceramic Ferrule
D1 L1 D5 H3 D3* h* L1 Burn Off* Low Carbon Steel
13 45 – 165 25 8 17 3 3 800-13-XXX UF13
16 45 -225 32 8 21 4.5 4 800-16-XXX UF16
19 45 -225 32 10 23 6 4 800-19-XXX UF19
22 85 – 225 35 10 29 6 4 800-22-XXX UF22
25 85 – 255 41 12 31 7 6 800-25-XXX UF25

Ceramic Ferrules for Shear Connectors (Type UF acc. To ISO 13918)

share connectors2a
Specifications Dimensions Item  Number
D7+0.5/-0 D8±1 D9±1 h2 %
UF 13 13.1 20 22.2 11 90-80-13
UF 16 16.3 26 30 13 90-80-16
UF 19 19.4 26 30.8 16.7 90-80-19
UF 22 22.8 30.7 38.5 18.5 90-80-22
UF 25 26.0 35.5 41 21 90-80-25

Ceramic Ferrules for Shear Connectors Weld through Metal Deck (Type UFT)

share connectors2b
Specification Dimensions Item Number
D7+0.5/-0 D8 ± 1 D9 ± 1 h2 %
UF 19T 19.4 26 30.8 16.7 91 – 80 – 19

Dimensions of Shear Connectors

Stud Dia. (d1) (mm)
Stud Dia (d2) (mm)
Length (L) (mm)
16 32 75/100/125/150…300
19 32 75/100/125/150/205…300
22 35 75/100/125/150/205…300
25 40 75/100/125/150/205…300

Technical Data (Shear Connectors)

Tensile Strength Minimum 450 N/mm2
Yield Point Minimum 350 N/mm2
Elongation 20% min.
Carbon Upto 0.08 – 0.18
Manganese 0.30 – 0.60
Silicon 0.15 – 0.30


shear connector
Description Norm
ø 6, L = 35–100 mm
ø 10, L = 30–175 mm
ø 12, L = 30 mm
ø 13, L = 25–400mm
ø 16, L = 35–525mm
ø 19, L = 50–525mm
ø 22, L = 50–525mm
ø 25, L = 75–525mm
DIN EN ISO 13918
For steel mounting parts
according to European Technical
ETA–03/0039 (other than ø 6
and ø 12 mm)

Various Types of Shear Connectors

share connectors1
share connectors2
carbon steel share connectors
shear connector studs


If you require any further information, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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